Time Management: Working from Home with Kids

If you're reading this blog post thinking I have it all together, you've come to the wrong post. My life is a complete mess! The days go by fast and the nights are hella long. Working from home with four kids is hard work!

However, here are 3 things that are helping me stay sane:

I've started to lean on my village.

Recently, my sister started coming over to help. Thank God for sisters! She comes by 4 days a week for 4 hours each day. This is super helpful; I'm way less distracted during the busier work hours of my day. The younger ones have someone to give them undivided attention and the teenager doesn't feel pressured to help mom out when he should be focused on virtual learning. I know everyone doesn't have access to a family member or have money to hire help. I feel extremely blessed to have this as an option for my family.

I make a realistic to-do list

Although my mental to-do list is super long, I write down a realistic to-do list for the day. My list includes both work deliverables and things I need to do at home. The number one rule I have about my to-do list is: Never let it stress me out. If I get things done-Great! If things don't get done-It's OK. I prioritize the most important things on my list; I get these things done when my sister is here. The things at the bottom of my list are usually easier things that can get done when the kids are playing independently or having TV time.

I take lots of breaks

I read a post on Instagram that talked about taking breaks every 30 mins vs waiting for that 1-hour lunch break to come around. This has helped me tremendously! During my mini breaks I grab a snack, kiss the kids, or mindlessly scroll through social media. This is a great way to celebrate the competition of a to-do list item or destress after a long meeting.

I hope you can add at least one these tips to you toolkit as you navigate working from home with your little ones. Share any tips you may have below.



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