Nursery Nook in Master Bedroom

I'm so excited to finally share our son's little nursery nook!

We wanted to make sure that his side of the room blended with the decor we already had in our bedroom so we kept the colors pretty neutral.

Once I saw the "Oliver" themed items on the Pardon My Fro website, I knew I wanted to incorporate some of those pieces for added #BlackBoyJoy

Another thing we wanted to keep in mind was cost. Having 4 children is not CHEAP! I shopped around for pieces that matched the theme, were good quality and didn't break the bank. Each item purchased was under $100.

I hope you find some inspiration in his nursery nook.

Here are the links to everything mentioned in the video. (Some of these links are affiliate links, thanks so much for your support):


Pardon My Fro Pillow, Art & Blanket

Baby Lounger


Plush Elephant

Rocking Chair

Many of the prices have changed on items since I purchased them. If you plan to purchase, I would save the items in my cart and check back periodically because prices lower all the time.

In the comments below, let me know what part of his nook is your favorite.



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