My Son's 13th Birthday Party

Because of my son's height, people always assume he's into sports. Truth be told, my son is not into sports at all! Besides the occasional family outing to a basketball game or watching a major sporting event like the Superbowl, he could care less. My son loves the arts! He plays the guitar, piano and loves to write and paint. He's a Renaissance Man! For this milestone birthday we wanted to do something special - we had a paint party.

I had been to a few adult-only paint parties and wanted to find a location that would host children. I came across Pinot's Palette; a small independently owned paint studio in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn.

The studio was amazing! The owners were friendly and they made us feel right at home. I arrived a few minutes late to the venue on the date of the event, but they were very accommodating to my guest who arrived before me. They played music, gave my guests a tour of the space and provided them with aprons while they waited for the event to begin.

Once everyone arrived, the party begin with a brief overview of the different brushes and a preview of the painting, which was selected by my son beforehand. You could immediately tell the artist was accustomed to working with large groups of amateur painters because she was very patient. No matter how many questions our guests had, or when they needed support, a staff member was always their to help.

Midway through the painting, we had a 20 minute break to let the paint dry and get some food and drinks. We ordered Dominoes beforehand and had it delivered to the venue. We also bought our own juices and a birthday cake. In a haste to get to the party, we left our plates, forks and a few other things at home. But again, the owners had it covered! They provided us with plates, napkins, ice and anything else we needed. The venue is also equipped with a bar that sells draft beer and wine for the adults.

After we ate, the artist guided everyone through the remainder of their painting. At the end, we sang happy birthday and hung out for a while. The 3 hours was all the time we needed, we never felt rushed!

My son loved the party! It was a great alternative to a traditional celebration and my guests were entertained the entire time! Everyone from the age of 4 to the adults, loved the experience! The best thing was, everyone walked away with a party favor they created themselves.

If your looking for a space to host your next event or night out, Pinot's Palette is a great place to do it!

It's great space, a great experience, great people and did I mention that the music was BOMB!

Visit Pinot's Palette HERE. They have independent locations across the U.S.



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