Happy New Year! #Goals

Yes! I'm that annoying person who still says happy new year in February. One day I'll get my life together, but until then, this is all I got.


On January 30, 2019, I spent my entire evening crafting my 2020 vision board. At the beginning of the year I saw a lot of social media posts down playing the effectiveness of vision boards. The basic sentiment was that vision boards were a waste of time.

I both agree and disagree. Any goal you create is a waste of time if you don't put in the work to make it happen. However, if you've going to get things DONE, I think a vision board is a great way to outline your big plans in preparation to create smaller aligned goals.

Let me give y'all an example.

On my vision board, I have a section dedicated to my children. I also have a section dedicated to my marriage, finances, personal health, career, and spirituality - but we're not going to get into all those things...So, in the section for my kids, I cut out letters that spell out "less screen time." My kids, especially the toddler, watch too much tv! I'm not ashamed to admit that. Sometimes TV is an easy way to keep the kids occupied while I do housework or take a moment to myself.


My big plan is to decrease screen time. Here are my smaller aligned goals:

1. Assign the toddler "homework" to complete after-school.

Her pre-school program does not assign student homework. I previously bought toddler workbooks and we work on those for 30 mins 2-3 times a week.

2. Set up the art area in the playroom during the week.

She loves to paint and use markers. We usually save art for the weekend because it's pretty messy, but hey, for the sake of her not becoming a screen zombie, we can make it work.

3. Meal prep so I can focus more on the kids after work/school.

Having meals prepared is such a time saver. I don't feel rushed in the evenings and it allows me to spend more quality time with the family.

4. Play music in the playroom

The toddler loves to sing! She also loves to follow the movements of songs like "Hokey-Pokey" and "If You're Happy and You Know it." This keeps her occupied for a long time.

5. Stick to the bedtime routine

Sometimes I want to keep the kids up later because I don't see them all day. I leave the house at 6:30AM and I don't get back home until 6:30PM. That means we only have 90 mins with the girls and 4 hours with the teenager before bedtime. (We'll talk about how that sucks in another post.) But...Each night I try to push through my mom guilt and get everybody to bed on time. This makes the morning routine much easier.

Seeing the phrase: Less Screen Time on my vision board is a reminder of these smaller aligned goals. I set timers for bedtime, write nightly routine schedules in my planner, etc.

The moral of the story is: Don't let social media tell you what not to do! Just because the popularity train has moved into another station doesn't mean you need to follow it.

Vision boards are STILL powerful! Period. Create one and set you some goals sis!



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