3 Myths About Natural Hair

Natural Hair is More Work

I've heard this a lot: the notion that what comes out of your head naturally is a burden. In my opinion natural hair is no more or less work than any other hair type. I think what makes a difference is how educated an individual person is about their natural hair. The more you know about your hair, the easier it becomes to maintain. As a person with formally relaxed hair, I can attest to the fact that I spent hours in the salon getting my hair done. And even when I would style my hair at home, it took time. If styling and maintaining healthy hair is important to you, it's going to take "work." Spending an hour on wash day twisting your hair is no different than spending an hour under a dryer to style your relaxed hair.

Natural Hair is Expensive

There are two sides to this argument. I've heard some say that natural hair products are expensive. On the other hand, I've heard people mention that they went natural to save money. Either way, the expense of natural hair depends on the individual. There are those who will buy and try every new product and gadget for natural hair. Then, there are others who maintain simple regimens that contain natural low-cost products. The choice it ultimately up to you. I think I land somewhere in the middle. I use products like apple cider vinegar and rose water that are inexpensive and easy to access. But there are also times when I'll splurge on a conditioner or styling product I've been wanting to try. My philosophy is always: Do what works for you! If spending lots of money on products is something you can afford, do it. If you like to save coins and use less expensive products, do that too.

4c Hair is not Beautiful

For those of you who are not familiar with hair typing, 4c hair is described as being "kinky" and coarse. Many of the natural hair ads and brand campaigns you see usually feature women with a curlier or a looser texture. Since this is the "look" most brands show, many women who go natural, want their hair to look that way too. The problem with this is that is discriminates against women who have coarser textures and makes women who have 4c hair feel like there's something wrong with the way their hair looks. I work with high school students and I see this a lot with young girls who call their hair "nappy" and "ugly." They've been conditioned to think their hair needs to be softer or curlier to be beautiful. If I'm the first person to tell you this:

Girl! Your Hair is Beautiful! The kinkier the coil the stronger the root.

Learn what your hair loves and needs. Nurture it and wear it with pride. It's your CROWN!

What are some myths about natural hair that you've heard? Let's chat in the comments below.



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