Waiting to Feel Baby Move

In 2 short weeks I'll be entering the halfway mark of my pregnancy. Since this is my third pregnancy, I thought I was prepared for it - boy was I wrong. I know every pregnancy is different, but I feel like this is my first rodeo. I'm Googling something every 5 minutes. I can't figure out what I can and cannot eat and I still don't know if I've actually felt the baby move yet.

At my last appointment my midwife told me that I had an anterior placenta. Of course that was something else I needed to add to my Google list. Turns out, your placenta can plant itself anywhere. My placenta happens to be placed around the front of my stomach. The movements of the baby are being absorbed by the placenta, which makes it harder for me to feel them.

Most women can't wait until their second trimester so they can feel their baby move. The nausea has stopped, your energy has returned and you are counting down the days until you feel your little one move. To be honest, most days I feel nervous. I worry that something is wrong. During the week, I sit in my car on my lunch break so I can lay down in hopes of feeling something. There have been multiple occasions when I even had a fetal doppler in my online cart, ready to purchase.

At this point in my pregnancy, I've had all my genetic screenings and everything has come back great. We already know the gender and my anatomy scan is scheduled for the end of the month. My brain knows everything is OK, but my heart longs for something more.

I know the kicks will be coming in strong any day now. This is just another way of God showing me that I need to be patient.

My husband jokes: "Once she's starts, you'll be up all night." He's right, let me enjoy the sleep now, because there are plenty of sleepless night ahead.

What is God asking you to be patient for? Lets chat in the comments below.



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