Roxanne Roxanne - A Conversation about Hair

So I just finished watching Roxanne Roxanne on Netflix and it was such a great biopic. I’ve loved Nia Long since Love Jones; it was so good to see her act in this movie.

I know you’re like girl…this is a natural hair blog, where are you going with this?

But, there was a turning point in the movie when Roxanne Shante decided to cut her hair. Her long ponytail was associated with her rapping persona and at that point of her life she no longer wanted to identify with it. Her stylist was reluctant to cut her hair saying, “Shanie, I can’t believe you want to cut all this beautiful hair.” She replied, “I have to Nessa, Roxanne Shante gotta go. She is the ponytail- and I need a change.” I won’t spoil the movie for you, but this was the beginning of a fresh start for her.

For most women cutting your hair is not just about physically looking different, it’s about a new attitude. And I’m not talking about a regular monthly trim or a few inches of hair either…I’m talking big chop! It’s about getting rid of the things that no longer serve you. It often symbolizes a shift in mindset and/or behavior.

Yes, it’s possible for a woman to consciously cut her hair and not necessarily want to change anything deeper than just her physical appearance. But, the very act of cutting your hair is an act of bravery; you’re releasing your fears.

I’ve cut my hair off several times, and each time represented something different. When I cut my hair last weekend I literally woke up that morning and decided it was something I needed to do. That evening, the stylist asked me if I wanted her to slowly cut it off with the scissors or if I wanted her to use the clippers, I said, “girl, use the clippers, I ain't scared!”

To some, this may sound trivial. But cutting your hair is a release. Although I lost all of those inches, I truly feel stronger.

Have you ever drastically cut your hair? Why did you do it and how did it make you feel. Let’s chat in the comments below.



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