Visiting Washington, D.C with the Family

This past weekend my family and I went to Washington, D.C. We went to see the Presidential Portraits of Michelle and Barack Obama and we also stopped by the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This was actually my son's 3rd time visiting the museum. He first visited on a youth trip with my church and then again with his school. They say you need to visit the museum a few times to actually see everything so he was excited to go again - plus he got to skip school with his parents.

This was actually an overnight trip. I knew my daughter wouldn't do well in the car if we decided to make the trip in a day. She slept most of the 4 hour drive there. We purposely kept her up during her nap time and left in the late afternoon. My son listened to music and did homework most of the ride while my husband and I listened to Marlon Wayans and Dave Chapelle stand up on Netflix.

We stayed at a really nice hotel in the Alexandria, VA area.

The stay was under $100 and the hotel had a pool and provided their guest with free breakfast. It was very clean and was conveniently located 15 minutes from the DC tourist areas.

The paintings of Michelle and Barak Obama were beautiful! They were the most creative among the other portraits in the National Portrait Gallery.

There was a line to see Mrs. Obama's portrait. I think it'll only be housed there until November 2018. We waited about 10 minutes and only had about 30 seconds to take a photo. My daughter was mid-nap, but I wanted her to be in the photo because this was a historic moment.

As soon as we got upstairs, we knew exactly were Barak Obama's portrait was. There were tons of people surrounding the photo and lots of security around. Although there was no line, we had to comb through people to snag a photo. My son really wanted to take a photo with the portrait and commented on the uniqueness of the painting.

After viewing a few other portraits, we headed to lunch and then the NMAAHC. I've heard on numerous occasions that the museum can be a bit crowded and hard to move around in. Lucky for us, the museum was nearly empty.

My son was like a tour guide; we didn't need the map. As soon as we entered the museum he said, "They have Emmett Till's casket here." I knew immediately I wanted to see it. As soon as we got there, a woman walked out crying. We weren't allowed to take photos but just being in the room was a powerful experience.

We spent nearly 2 hours in the museum. The exhibits were a beautiful reminder of how resilient, beautiful and powerful my people are.

I won't spoil your experience and post every picture we took. If you haven't gone, you should plan to visit.

Have you traveled to DC recently? What's your favorite thing to see/do there?

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