Skincare Routine

Over the years, I've learned exactly what my skin needs. I know which cleansers are too harsh for my skin and which scrubs will irritate my face. I know what my skin craves seasonally and I understand when it's time for an all out spa day.

The products I use come from an array of brands, but they all work well together. Here's my routine:


I hand-wash my face with an oatmeal soap. Oatmeal soap has so many benefits! It provides a gentle exfoliation without drying out the skin.

Next, I towel dry my face and then moisturize with the Cetaphil Daily Hydration Lotion. It's really light and hydrates my skin without producing more oils.


I use the Vanity Planet Skin Spa Facial Cleansing Brush with my oatmeal soap. After washing, I use the Shea Moisture Problem Skin Toner and then follow-up with my Cetaphil moisturizer.

Over the course of the day, especially if I wear make-up, my skin produces oils and is naturally more dirty. The VP facial brush provides a deeper cleanse and the toner helps to remove any excess make-up while helping to control oil as well.


At the end of each week I do a deep exfoliation. Exfoliating gets rid of dead cells and rejuvenates your skin.

I have been loving the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub by Lush. First of all, it smells amazing! And it also makes my skin feel BOMB after using it! Depending on your skin type, a salt scrub may be too harsh for your skin - Try using a brown sugar or oatmeal scrub.


On a monthly basis, I have an all out at-home spa day. I do everything I would normally do on a nightly basis plus a facial mask. Currently, I love the que bella line. There's literally a mask for every skin type and need. However, this month, I tried the 7th Heaven Charcoal Peel Off Mask. I got this mask FREE in my last Influenster box. This mask dried hard in about 20 mins and left my face with an amazing glow.


Every once in a while I wonder into a spa and get a facial. This is the ultimate treat for myself! I usually stumble upon a Groupon deal or plan a day with my girls. I really should do this more often though.

For the most part, I try to stick to this routine. Sometimes I make seasonal changes or try different products.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is WATER. Drink lots of it! Your skin and body love it!

If you want a quick laugh, check out the skin care routine I tried to record. My camera and family wouldn't let me be great lol. But this is my real life.

What's included in your skincare routine? Lets chat in the comments below.



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