4 Tips to Keep the Skin Moisturized During the Fall/Winter

It's the perfect time to develop a fall/winter skin regimen. Changes in the weather can often change the way our skin retains moisture. Knowing how to care for your skin during the different seasons is key.

This month, as a 2017 Shea Mom, Shea Moisture gifted me the following items:

Although my daughter doesn't have eczema, I'm using the bar soap on her and it's so moisturizing. The lather is great and it smells amazing. After she finishes her bath, her skin is so soft. Like, for real, I need my skin to feel that way!

In caring for her skin, it made me think about the ways in which I often neglect my own skin during the winter months. Of course we all shower and groom ourselves, but sometimes we need to do a little more.

Here are 4 things you can do to keep you skin moisturized during the fall/winter months:

1. Drink Lots of Water.

In the winter, people forget all about water and start drinking more tea, coffee and hot chocolate. It's cold outside, I get it, but drinking water is an easy way to keep the body hydrated. Try drinking warm water with lemon during the winter months. It'll keep your skin looking flawless and it also aids in digestion.

2. Use a moisturizing soap.

Some soaps can leave the skin feeling tight and dry. Moisturizing soaps cleanse the body without stripping the skin of its natural oils. If you like using clarifying soaps, be sure to follow-up with a moisturizing wash so you can balance the skin out.

3. Exfoliate.

Create a DIY sugar scrub and use it in the shower at the end of each week. Getting rid of dead layers renews the skin and provides an instant glow. Be careful not to exfoliate too much. Overly exfoliating can cause the skin to become irritated.

4. Moisturize the skin.

Lets be real, sometimes we skip the lotion routine in the winter because our bodies are all covered up. The shorts and skirts are put away and we worry less about the ash people don’t see. But, it’s important to maintain a regimen that includes a rich lotion or butter in the winter time. To maximize the moisture, try putting on your lotion while in the bathroom with the shower steam. Besides creating a great spa like atmosphere, it'll leave your skin super soft.

I know these tips seem like “no brainers”, but trust me, we all forget to do something. I hope these were awesome reminders of how to be kind to your skin during the fall and winter.

How else do you stay moisturized during the winter? Leave a tip below.



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