What I Eat in a Day-Food Journal (10-5)

When my face starts to breakout, I know I'm not eating right. For the past few weeks, on any given day, I'm either eating really healthy, or really unhealthy.

So...I've decided to keep a food journal. I want to track the things I eat, so I can see my trends, and start to make smarter choices.

I'm not going to share every entry on the blog, but I will share select days so you guys can be my accountability partners.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


My day started off great. It began with a large oatmeal with granola, blueberries and brown sugar. This was a pretty healthy start!


For lunch, I kept it pretty light. I knew from an earlier email at work, that there would be free food later on that day. I ended up going to a sushi spot near my job and had eight pieces of shrimp tempura.


When the free food at work came it was so hard to resist all the pastries, but I did. I ended up having two triangular turkey sandwiches. I also opted to have a cup of Sprite which was the only thing I had to drink all day.


For dinner, we ordered takeout and I got fried chicken wings with white rice and garlic broccoli. This was my worst meal of the day. I tried to redeem myself by drinking several cups of water after this.

Overall, I had a pretty decent day. I think my weakest point was when I got home. If I don't cook, there aren't many healthy options in my neighborhood to choose from. The best choice I made was the oatmeal. It had tons of fiber and the blueberries were an added treat.

So, yeah, that was my entry. It's pretty short and straight to the point. I try to take pictures of everything I eat throughout the day. I keep my journal on my phone in my notes, but some people have a book they dedicate to this. If you're fancy, you can count calories and even incorporate portion control. Here are some cool links to visit if your interested in starting your own food journal:

Weight Loss Tips: How to Start (and Stick to) a Food Journal

4 Food Journal Mistakes You Might Be Making

Best 25+ Food Journal Ideas on Pinterest

Leave any questions or comments below and tell me what you ate today?



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