5 Tips for Taking Amazing Photos of Your Toddler

Taking amazing photos is of a busy baby can be difficult. Trust me , I know! It seems like my daughter is the busiest when I pull out the camera. Here are 5 surefire ways to capture some awesome pictures.

1. Make Sure They are Well-Rested

A sleepy baby is cranky and not fun to photograph. Take photos after nap time or in the early morning.

2. Have Snacks Available

Nothing keeps a kid happy like snacks! Have things like pieces of fruit or animal crackers handy. Make sure snacks aren't too messy though, so you don't have to waste time cleaning up.

3. Use Natural Lighting

Flash photography can sometimes scare children or cause them to blink during the shot. Take photos on sunny days or outdoors.

4. Take Candid Photos

Sometimes we're so caught up with capturing the perfect smile that we miss opportunities to take shots of our toddler being themselves. Most times these are the best shots and capture their individual personality.

5. Don't do it Alone

Taking shots of your toddler is no easy task. Solicit the help of your hubby, close friend or family member. They can help position the baby, make silly faces, change diapers and provide overall support.

I hope you find these tips helpful. For more tips and photos visit my Photography Page.



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