How to Get the Perfect Twistout

There really is an art to achieving the perfect twistout and believe it or not, anyone can do it - It's not just reserved for your favorite hair crush. Whether you're starting out on freshly washed hair or old hair, you'll need the same things - water and a great styling product!

Twisting Tips

Always have a spray bottle handy. Wet sections of hair that start to dry while twisting. Water helps the twists to set during the drying process.

Apply twisting product per twist. Because my hair is so thick, I have to apply my twisting product in very small sections, otherwise the product wouldn't distribute properly. I add smaller than a dime size amount to each individual twist section. I tend to use smoothies, soufflés and creamy twisting products - my hair accepts them well and they add moisture. Sometimes I even twist with a light gel depending on the type of hold I want.

Here are a few of my favorite twisting products:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Smoothie

Creme of Nature Twirling Custard

Taliah Waajid Loc and Twist Gel

Vary the size of your twists. I know this seems strange, but here's why I do it: I love for my twistouts to have an effortless look. Every curl does not have to be the same size. Also, I tend to put smaller twists in the front so I don't have to separate them. This helps to combat frizz.

Let your twist set properly. The bottom line is your hair has to dry. Completely! If your hair is damp you might not get the results you want. Sometimes I wear my hair twisted for days before I take them down. If I'm in a rush, I always sit under a dryer.

Here's a quick and easy tutorial:



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