DIY Natural Hair Oil

Oils are a great addition to any regimen. The benefits of both carrier and essential oils vary, as they help to remedy many hair, scalp and body issues. This particular oil was a life-saver when I was experiencing post-partum shedding. It helped to restore my edges and also provided great shine to my twistouts.

DIY Natural Hair Oil

4oz - Jamaican Black Castor Oil

1/2 oz - Sweet Almond Oil

1/2 oz - Grape Seed Oil

8-10 - drops Lavender Oil

Mix oils in an applicator bottle and shake until combined.

Note: This oil mixture is very thick and has a unique smell. A little goes a long way. Store mixture in a cool dry place. Discard after 90 days.

I absolutely love this combination of oils!

-Jamaican Black Castor is known to help thicken hair.

-Sweet Almond Oil promotes shine.

-Grape Seed Oil helps to prevent frizz and split ends.

-Lavender Oil stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth.

The beauty of this oil mixture is that is can be used in so many ways. It can be used as a hot oil treatment, a pre-poo, a split end sealer, oil sheen and even as a massage oil.

Try this recipe. Come back and tell me what you think.



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