Why I Cancelled My Gym Membership

To be completely honest, I hate the gym! I always have to give myself a pep talk before I go. Somewhere along the way, I think I convinced myself that going to the gym was the only way to be fit. Like if I don't go, I should be ashamed of myself, because everybody goes to the gym!

I've had my gym membership for almost 3-years and can count on two hands how many times I've actually been there! That's insane! I've wasted so much money - $20 a month, for 30 months, plus the annual fees - that's over $600! And I only use the treadmill! The other equiptment is intimidating and the muscle men and women are scary!

So I cancelled my gym membership, purchased my first pair of running shoes and began outdoor running.

I've always loved to run! As a kid, my absolute favorite game was tag! And as an adult, listening to music while running on the treadmill is very therapeutic. But I don't need to pay $20 a month to run. Outdoor running is free and the combination of fresh air, open space, great scenery and music, really does something for my mind and body.

Let's be clear, I'm not one of those runners who runs on the sidewalk, and jogs in place during the red light; I prefer running in the park or on a designated track. The park is so much calmer and I don't have to compete with cars or pedestrians. Not to mention, NYC has some beautiful running spaces.

In preparation for my new running life, I went looking for running shoes. I've literally had one pair of sneakers for the last 6 years, and they're definitely not fit for running. I decided to purchase the NIKE Presto (GS) running shoe. They're super lightweight, comfortable and can be found online or in-stores for under $100. When it comes to running shoes, these are the perfect entry level shoe for runners. They're flexible, come in tons of different colors and did I mention they're super cute.

I can't wait to fully break these in while I'm working on my form and trying to improve my stamina. They're a great addition to the fitness items I already have and perfect to wear when I'm doing at home workouts.

I encourage anyone who's reading this post to find what works for you. The gym is not for everybody and that's ok. Experiment with different things and once you find your fitness regimen, you'll know. It'll feel right and you won't have to force yourself to do it - you'll enjoy it.



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