Head Wraps Are Life

One of my 2017 hair goals was to do more protective styling. Scrolling through Instagram will have a sister reneging on her goals because the twistouts are always popping on social media! But I'm sticking to my goal! One way I'm doing this is by wearing more head wraps. If you follow me on social media, you know about my infamous cheetah print headscarf. I must have worn it a million times last year, but I absolutely love it! It's really just a rectangular neck scarf I bought from H&M years ago.

A few months ago, I added a plain black scarf to my head wrap rotation. Because it's black, I can wear it with anything. It's also much thicker than my cheetah scarf, making it a lifesaver during these cold winter months.

For Christmas, I decided to treat myself to an African print scarf. I've seen them online all over the place and couldn't wait to get my hands on one. I decided to purchase one from The Wrap Life. They were having a sale and it was the perfect opportunity to buy one. It literally shipped in 2 days and I absolutely love it! It's super thick, easy to manipulate and has the perfect combination of colors.

I can't wait to purchase more head wraps! Here are a few sites I'm eyeing:

- The Wrap Life

- Fanmdjanm

- Elinorah

- Royal House of Wraps

- Diva Wraps

Are you about that head wrap life? How do you protect your hair during the winter months? Let's talk in the comments below.



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