5 Ways to Relax on Staycation



1. a vacation spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

It's been two days since I've been back at work post staycation and I'm exhausted! Every morning I've been rushing to get out the door, my hair is a mess, I can't sleep at night and I've already begun the countdown to my next day off. You would think having two weeks of staycation would leave you well rested and ready for work. NOT!

The truth is, I did everything but rest during my staycation. Everyday I had somewhere to go and something to do. Though I spent a lot of time with family and friends, I didn't take the time to actually rest. We never fully understand the importance of rest, both mentally and physically, until our bodies begin to talk to us. And right now, my eyelids are heavy and my mind is in serious need of a mental health day.

On my next staycation, I want to do things differently. Of course I'm going to spend time with family and friends, but I'm also going to make a conscious plan to rest.

Here are my top 5 staycation DO's:

1. DO Schedule ME time

Treat yourself to a spa day - get a nice massage, facial and sit in the steam room. As a working mom, I sometimes think it's too expensive to pamper myself, but Groupon has some really awesome deals that can fit any budget.

2. DO Say "No"

When friends and family know you're on vacation it seems like the requests and favors come full speed ahead. Everyone wants you to do something, take them somewhere or come over. Saying no is a healthy way to prioritize things. You can't be everything to everyone if you neglect yourself. JUST SAY NO!

3. DO go to bed early

On vacation we tend to stay up late simply because we can. Try getting in bed by 9pm. Not necessarily to sleep, but to catch-up on mindless reality television, watch the latest episode of Cupcakes Wars or read a book until you fall asleep.

4. DO take neighborhood walks

Walking is a proven stress reliever! It's great exercise and it's an opportunity to get some fresh air. If you have children it's also a great time to play "I Spy", chat and for the little ones- nap time.

5. If you must shop, DO it online. This is especially key if you take vacation during a busy holiday season. You can easily spend hours at a time waiting in line. If you're subscribed to Amazon Prime or any of those cool shipping services, take advantage of them. It'll save you time and a potential headache.

I definitely plan to take advantage of these 5 DO's during my next staycation.

How do you spend your staycation time? Let's chat about it in the comments below.




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