No Fuss Hair Styling Tips for Babies

We all know that styling a baby’s hair can be a difficult, especially when they start crawling. From birth until now, my daughter wore a curly afro which required little maintenance. Now that she’s a bit older, her curls have become unruly and require a little more attention. I’ve begun to add loosely braided cornrows to her hair for weekly maintenance.

Any seasoned mom can tell you that styling a baby’s hair requires preparation and creativity. Here are five tricks I use to get my baby to cooperate.

  1. Let your baby explore the tools you’ll be using on their hair. I allow my daughter, under supervision, to play with the soft bristle comb and brush so she’s not afraid of them once I use them on her hair. This way the baby will associate the tools with a positive experience instead of a negative one.

  2. Allow your baby to snack! Age appropriate snacks go a long way when you need your baby to sit still. I always have Gerber Puffs and frozen bananas in her Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder. These snacks keep her occupied and allow her to work on fine motor skills at the same time. #Winning!

  1. Play Music. I have a baby playlist on my phone of nursery rhymes, Disney tunes and theme songs to popular cartoons. I sing songs with my daughter and I even take dance breaks when she becomes a little fussy.

  2. Let your little one play with toys and books. At the time of this post my daughter is nearly 7-months-old and she loves to bang, teeth and explore her favorite books and toys. I pile them all in one area and let her go to work when it’s hair time.

  3. When all else fails, use nap time. I saved this tip for last because sometimes it’s not physically possible to style hair on a sleeping baby. Also, manipulating hair on a sleeping baby can cause naptime to be interrupted – And we all know naptime is sacred!

Remember that patience is key! Babies are supposed to be active and play. Forcing them to sit just makes them cranky and irritable. Besides, this is the only time when they’ll be able to rock crooked parts and wild hair and still be cute.



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