Bi-Weekly Twistout Routine

With a new baby, a husband and a tween, the last thing I have time to do is my hair. Having a hairstyle that can last bi-weekly without much effort is very important to me. The twistout is an easy go-to style that evolves overtime and looks good from day 1 to day 14.

I like to leave my twists in for the first few days. This allows me to take advantage of a protective style while allowing my twists to fully set.

Once I take my twists down, I don’t separate too much. I gently fluff from the root and place my curls where I need them.

To maintain the moisture in my hair I stick to four simple products - water, oil, a moisturizer and a leave-in conditioner. I spritz my hair with water daily, usually in the morning followed by a small amount of moisturizer. Before bed, I oil my fingertips with a castor/almond oil mixture and massage my hairline and scalp. I only spray my leave-in when I feel my hair needs it.

To be completely honest, I don’t tie-up or pineapple my hair overnight. I just sleep on a satin pillow. I’m not concerned about my hair “messing up.” However, this method isn’t for everyone- but it works for me.

I enjoy wearing my hair half up, using scarves and rocking a big puff. My curls loosen overtime and they give me a different look almost everyday.

I’m definitely a low-maintenance natural girl and this regimen is perfect for my lifestyle!



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