One Year Natural Hair Anniversary

Can you believe it’s been an entire year since I started my natural hair journey? Me either! It seems like just yesterday I was finger coiling my TWA and now my hair is nearly shoulder length. I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

My mantra for this year has been, “just let it be.” I truly believe that low manipulation was the key to my hair growth - and maybe the pregnancy hormones too. But seriously, when you let your hair be, you’re giving it the opportunity to flourish. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should neglect your hair. You should wash, deep condition and moisturize your hair regularly, but styling should be minimal. I know we all want the perfect twist out and we want our baby hairs on fleek, but you don’t want to over-manipulate your hair either.

This year my hair journey was filled with scarves, hats, twists and puffs. Sure I did the occasional twist out, but protective styling was my go-to.

Ok, enough about my hair journey, tell me about yours. Let’s chat in the comments below.



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