My Bi-weekly Styling Routine

I exert a lot of energy on wash day! After washing, detangling and deep conditioning, I'm literally too tired to style and I usually end up with a high puff.

After wearing my high puff for about a week, I love to take advantage of my stretched hair. I usually do a braidout or twistout. To achieve it, I moisten my hair with a spray bottle of water, detangle, add my favorite leave-in and then style.

When my definition begins to fade I turn to my hats and scarves. They are great protective styles and it literally takes minutes for me to get ready in the morning. My hair is usually in chunky twists or braids underneath my scarves and hats.

The day before wash day, I let my hair show-off! I remove my scarf or hat, take out those chunky twists and let my hair "just be." With a little water and finger manipulation, I'm good to go!

Of course my biweekly styles change from time to time, but my routine is always filled with a combination of low-manipulation and protective styles.

Remember, you don't have to do much for your hair to be great!

Have questions about my biweekly routine? Want to share your routine? Let's chat below.



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