5 Reasons Why We Chose a Birthing Center

1. Comfort

A birthing center is very similar to a home birth. The rooms are set up to look more like a bedroom than a hospital room. Although there is definitely medical grade equipment available, the space is meant to make you feel at home. Many birthing centers require you to bring your own linen, making it feel even more home-like.

2. Privacy

Since birthing centers don't take on many patients, the entire experience is very personable. Often, there is only one person laboring at a time at the facility. This gives you and your family the opportunity to receive the undivided attention of your midwife.

3. Water Birth

Laboring or birthing in water is a very soothing experience for both mom and baby. If you choose to give birth in the water, it causes less stress on the baby because warm water is very similar to the amniotic fluid they've lived in for the past 9 months.

4. Natural Birth

Birthing centers prepare you for natural birthing. It's mostly required that women attend birthing classes to learn relaxation techniques so they can be fully prepared for the process. Sometimes hospitals can aggressively push unnecessary medication on patients for the sake of time. Birthing centers are much different.

5. Length of Stay

Most women leave with their baby within 24 hours of giving birth. Newborns are given all the mandated shots and treatment they would receive at a hospital once they are born. Following discharge, a nurse visits the home to check on mom and baby and also to provide immunizations if the parents elect for their child to receive them.

Birthing centers are a wonderful alternative to a hospital birth. Of course, a birthing center is limited in their practice because they don't perform c-sections, birth premature babies, induce labor, have certain medications etc.. But, their facilities are always very close to a hospital and they have wonderful relationships with hospital staff. Incase of an emergency they will immediately transfer/refer you to a hospital.

Birthing centers aren't for everyone, but they are perfectly safe and provide you with a wonderful experience.

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