5 Reasons You Must Attend the Naturalista Hair Show 2015

1. Hey Fran Hey is the Keynote Blogger

If you don’t know who Hey Fran Hey is, where have you been hiding? She’s a naturalista with an amazing personality and a knack for sharing practical haircare tips. She not only rocks a full head of crowing natural glory, but she lives a natural lifestyle as well. To find out more about Hey Fran Hey click here.

2. Vendors Galore

The best thing about attending the Naturalista Hair show is the vendors. All of your favorite products like Obia Naturals, Frizz Free Curls and others will be in attendance. You’ll also get to discover new and innovative products that you can try for the first time. For a complete list of vendors click here.

3. Meet New People

There’s nothing better than sharing a laugh with a stranger and meeting new people. The Naturalista Hair Show attracts men and women from all over. You can meet people who are staring their hair journey and you can meet people who have been natural for years. Don’t forget, you’ll also get to meet some of your favorite bloggers too.

4. Informational Panels and Interactive Workshops

The Naturalista Hair show isn’t just about hair. There will be tons of workshops and panels to discuss natural health, self love and there will even be a men’s perspective panel. If you’re interested in joining/continuing the discussion on issues that affect the black community, there will be an amazing panel discussion to let your voice be heard.

5. Show your Support

Attending the Naturalista Hair Show is not just about buying a ticket. Attending the event is an opportunity to support small and mid-sized black owned businesses. It’s an opportunity to network and share experiences with others. Together We Achieve More!

For more information on the Naturalista Hair Show visit:


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