The Opinion Police

When I change hairstyles the “Opinion Police” is always on patrol. Everyone wants to tell me how they prefer my hair and why it looked better relaxed. “Your hair looks nice, but I hate nappy hair!” “Your hair was pretty, why did you cut it?” These comments annoy my soul! I can never understand how people are bold enough to be so rude.

What I’ve come to realize is that everyone is not going to appreciate choices you make in life. This goes for hair, career choices, relationships, etc… But, you have to be confident in the decisions you’ve made and walk boldly no matter what. Never let the opinions of others dictate how you feel about yourself!

I’ve heard many women say they want to go natural, but they’re concerned about what their parents, significant others, coworkers or friends would say. What others think is keeping them from exploring something that might actually be beneficial for them. Unfortunately, for the very same reasons, people are stuck in careers, relationships and unhealthy situations. In order to be completely happy, we have to ignore the Opinion Police. Listening to them stunts our growth and keeps us from reaching our full potential. When we limit ourselves because of opinions we are essentially living our lives through the approval of others.

Knowing the difference between the Opinion Police and those who are truly concerned about our well-being is important. The Opinion Police are always negative. They can’t stand anything and they turn their nose up to everything. They often share their opinion without being asked and they usually gossip. On the other hand, truly concerned people are genuine in their approach. They give you rationale and are optimistic when sharing their opinions. Once you know the difference, you can get rid of the negativity and surround yourself with genuine people.

I’ve learned from experience that you can’t allow yourself to be policed into doubt. Move forward with your goals and do what makes you happy! Everyone has an opinion, but you can’t let what others think scare you away from living life!



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