Green Smoothie Tips

Rotate your Greens

If you’re an everyday green smoothie drinker, rotating your greens is very important. Every leafy green carries a toxin. This toxin helps to protect the plant from being eaten by certain animals. Don’t be alarmed! In small quantities this toxin won’t harm your body, but in large amounts it can cause alkaloid build-up. If your body absorbs too much of the same toxin you can experience fatigue, nausea and several other symptoms. To avoid this, rotate your greens every other day.

60/40 Rule

New smoothie drinkers often struggle with the taste of green smoothies. I know I did! Adding 60% fruit and 40% leafy greens is a great formula to help with this. When you add more fruit than greens to a smoothie you end up with a fruiter taste. Once you are seasoned in your smoothie drinking, you can change this formula to anything you like.

Chew your Smoothie

Chewing is not only for solid foods! When you chew your smoothie you are actually helping the nutrients to absorb into your body quicker. The saliva in your mouth carries enzymes that help in this process. These enzymes are only activated when you chew. So as weird as it sounds-Chew your Smoothie!

I hope these tips help.



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