5 DIY Projects I Want to Try this Year

Photo Credit: Pinterest

1. Plant and Grow Something Edible

With all these hormones injected into foods, growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs might be the safest way to eat. Because I live in an apartment and my outdoor space is limited, I have to start off small. I’m thinking a tomato plant or maybe just some basil.

2. Paint an Accent Wall

I want to give my walls some character. Every wall in my apartment is antique white and pretty boring. I want to spruce up my living space, especially my bedroom. I absolutely love striped accent walls!

3. Sew Stuff

When I was little, my great-grandmother would make me dresses and I hated it. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve grown to appreciate the talents she had. I don’t think I’m ready for dress making yet, but maybe I can start with a pillowcase.

4. Soap Making

I love things that are made with natural ingredients and so does my body. I find that all natural soaps are pretty expensive compared to your regular Dove bar. I’m sure I can save some cash by making my own.

5. Make stuff with Mason Jars

I absolutely love mason jars! Every time I walk into Michaels I get the overwhelming sensation to buy them. Looking on Pinterest has given me some really cool ideas.

What are some DIY projects you want to tackle this year?




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