Life is Overwhelming - Sometimes

It is literally 11:58pm on a Tuesday evening and I am up just thinking. I have so many things that I should be doing, but I am so unmotivated to do them right now. I really prefer to just sit and think sometimes. To ignore the actual responsibilities of life and just think. It might be a little counterproductive because I am essentially thinking about the laundry list of things that I have to do, but I just can’t do them right now.

Have you ever been in one of those moods where you just don’t feel like doing anything? I mean, like you are literally - mentally and physically exhausted to the point where you just want to lay there and do nothing. Yeah? Well that’s how I’m feeling right now. The funny thing is, I am doing something, I’m writing this blog post. But this doesn’t count, it’s helping me cope with my current state. LOL!

But seriously, sometimes in life you have these moments and they are necessary. For me, they help to put things into perspective. I often think about where I am on the journey to have the life that I’m praying about; the life that is thumbtacked to my vision board. Yeah I’m also thinking about the laundry that needs to be done and the lesson plans that do are overdue, but it’s mostly about the journey.

These moments help to give me the fuel I need to finish out the week, to finish the things on my to-do list; to edit the chapters of my book. It’s a quiet time of reflection and it helps to mute the noise of frustration, doubt and exhaustion.

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed? How do you cope?



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