TWA Pop of Color

Color is always fun and can easily spice up any hairstyle. I wanted to experiment, but didn't want to make a complete commitment to any one color yet. Using hair chalk is an easy alternative to an other wise permanent option.

The chalk was easy to use and literally took two minutes to apply. With several coats, the color pay off is great. After wearing the color overnight I found that the chalk makes your hair feel very dry and can easily transfer to any surface it touches. The color fades quickly and must be reapplied if you want to maintain a brighter look.

Since the product is so drying, to prevent my hair from breaking, I applied more moisturizer and oil to my hair than I usually would. This color is not for prolonged wear and I recommend that you wash it out a day or two after use so you can restore your hair to its normal feel. When the hair is moisturized the color pops nicely in the sun.

Have you experimented with color before? Comment below.



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