TWA-Wash & Go

Hey guys!

I did my first wash and go and I love it! At first I was nervous about the thought of not manipulating my hair. It seems like second nature to twist, comb, part or do something after washing. But I love the low maintenance aspect of the wash and go. It literally took me under 15 minutes to wash, condition and style my hair.

The only styling tools needed were my two hands. I fluffed, tucked and placed my curls where I wanted them to lay while drying. The results were amazing.

Most of the products I used were from the Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk line. I used the Hair Milk co-wash to cleanse my hair. To moisturize, I used the Hair Milk leave-in and to style I used the Hair Milk styling butter. In addition to those products, I used coconut oil to seal in the moisture and add shine, and Eco Styler Gel for hold.

I added a beenie to the back of my hair for a little pizzazz. Overall, I love the results and look forward to recreating these effortless styles.

Have you tried to wash and go? Tell me about it in the comments below.



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