Crochet Braids

During any hair journey, protective styling is very important. I wanted to give my hair a rest for a few weeks so I installed crochet braids. I simply loved the instant fullness and texture of this style. It is very reminiscent of a braid or twist out on natural hair.

The process to install the hair is fairly simple. Tools needed include:

  • Latch Hook

  • Human or Synthetic Hair

  • Scissors (To cut the hair in half) Optional

  • Hair Pins

  • Patience

I used the 'Biojoux Reggae Hair' in a number 2. The hair was very inexpensive; $3.99 a pack and I only used 2.5 packs. In its original state, the hair was too long for me so I cut it in half. The end result was a cute layered bob look. Overall, I liked the hair, but I was not pleased with the shine of this particular brand. In certain lighting my hair would glisten and I hated that.

Once I got into a good rhythm, attaching the hair began to move pretty quickly. From start to finish it took a little over 90 minutes to complete. This is definitely a style I would do again.

What is your favorite protective style? Comment below





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