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The Sacred Tiare product line by Carols Daughter is designed to restore strength, prevent damage and smooth away frizz. Each product is water-based and contains coprah coconut oil. The coprah refers to the meat of the coconut that is used to extract the coconut oil from the tree. This ingredient helps to promote shine and is also known to aid in the regrowth of damaged hair.


The sulfate-free shampoo contains shea, a product known for providing moisture, and moringa a natural plant that contains a high content of vitamin A. When used on the scalp, vitamin A promotes hair growth and prevents breakage. This shampoo is definitely a clarifying shampoo and it is going to give you a deep clean. To make up for the stripped feel your hair may have after washing, the fortifying conditioner is very rich and leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable. It is a great conditioner to detangle with.

The restoring hair mask is a deep conditioner that contains babassu, which acts much like coconut oil. Overall, the mask is very thick and coats the hair well. The spray leave-in conditioner contains calendula - a product known for soothing the scalp and controlling dandruff. The spray bottle makes application easy and mess free.

I don’t know about its claim to “instantly stop shedding and frizz”, but I can say that I noticed a lot less strands of hair in my comb the days following the use of this line. Overall, I rate Sacred Tiare 4 out of 5.

Check out my first impression video below:

Have you tried this line? What are your thoughts? If not, what product lines do you enjoy?




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