Christ, Compassion & The Community: Tina Booker-Franklin

Long before she became a community activist, Tina Franklin-Booker was a girl with a love for the performing arts. “From age four, I was always in fashion shows and theatre programs. I took African and modern dance. In school, I was in the glee club as long as I could remember.” Throughout her childhood and adolescent years, Tina found comfort in extracurricular activities like singing and dancing. It is with that same love that she advocates for inner city youth and works relentlessly to provide them with no cost creative outlets. “Everything has a price tag, but if they can’t express it – it sits dormant. We should be able to allow [kids] to creatively express themselves without the parents feeling like it takes bread off the table.

As the founder of Radikal4kidz Inc., a non-for-profit community based organization; Tina seeks to provide children with a safe haven that will help to stop the school to prison pipeline. The program offers tutoring, chorus, theater, sports and a host of other programs that are designed to support education and the arts.

It is her big heart and contagious smile that’s won her the support of numerous families. Though a community activist by nature, Tina has birthed other business ventures; her true passion, however, is helping people. “I have entrepreneurial skills, but my passion is not to build million dollar empires. If I can put a smile on someone’s face, I’m happy.”

Tina attributes her vision and success to her strong relationship with God. “I started praying and speaking to God. I got clear understanding of how I could be influential. He kept me for this time. Nothing that I wanted to do would flourish if I didn’t stay faithful to Him.”

Her passion for Christ and the community is what separates Tina from others. She understands that the work she does is bigger than her. “I don’t have to get kudos for anything. Happiness, faith and love can stand all things. If I can inspire anyone in the work that I do, my job is done."

For more information on Radikal4kidz and how to enroll your child, visit:

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