Do Black People Support Each Other?

I recently watched a video by Kimberly Foster called: Black People Don’t Support Each Other? False! I thought she had some really valid points and I wanted to share my thoughts…

Let me preface this by saying that I believe that black people are supportive. I grew up in a community where fish fries, card parties and basement shindigs paid the rent. People not only supported you monetarily, but they spread the word! There was a sense of togetherness and support amongst the black community. However, I do believe that in some instances, that sense of togetherness and community has been slightly overshadowed by a blanketed idea of what it means to be successful and how to get there.

Almost everywhere you look there is a brother or sister promoting or selling something. Everybody is trying to be successful in their own right. And in order to be successful, some people feel as though you have to be about yourself. People fear that if they support someone, they’re taking away from their platform and that their success will somehow be overshadowed by someone else’s. There’s room though! Everyone can grow and shine. Just because you wrote a book, doesn’t mean that you can’t shout out a good read. Because you have a clothing line doesn’t mean you can‘t support an up and coming t-shirt line. Recognizing others for their talents does not in any way discredit yours. You have to show support to get support.

I also believe that while you may seek the support of a certain group of people, individual preferences and likes play a huge part in the support you’ll receive from others. You can’t expect every black person to like what you do, it’s not possible. In that same manner, you can’t blame lack of success on your intended consumers or audience either. Your success depends on you!

The bottom line is that we have to support each other! If we don’t support each other, who will? We have to be vulnerable enough to shout out others and humble enough to recognize talents, even if they’re better than ours. I have witnessed beautiful displays of brown on brown support and I have also seen disgusting spectacles of negativity. I do believe the former outweighs the latter and that there are lots of black people that can credit their success to other black individuals.

But what do you think; do black people support each other? Why or why not? Comment below.



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