Creta Girl | Protective Style

I am in love with the curls on Creta Girl! This hair is a 100% synthetic half wig that comes with one long comb in the front, two small combs in the back and a drawstring. The texture of the hair can easily be matched with tightly curled African American hair. The hair has a natural luster; it’s not too shiny or too dull. It's very full and long, as the curls easily rest upon and beyond your shoulders. Because of its drawstring, Creta Girl can also be worn as a ponytail.

I applied the wig to my 6 day old straight hair. The curls that I created with the flexi rods were soft and quickly fell once I started to manipulate them. I will probably do a braid out or set my curls tighter during the next application. No big deal though, because wearing a headband or scarf can easily cover the hair weft in the front - making this hairstyle quick and easy. Watch Tutorial Here .

You can find this hair in your local beauty supply store or you can order it online. I ordered my unit in a 1B from Hair Wig Harlem for $15.99. Overall, I love Creta Girl and would recommend it as an effortless protective style for all hair types.


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