Texture Discrimination | Natural Hair

In 2010 I started my YouTube channel as a way to document my hair journey. Over the years the natural hair movement has grown into a platform for women to overcome insecurities and be who they are naturally. Recently, texture discrimination has become a heated conversation within the natural hair community. Essentially, many naturals are concerned about the image that the media and advertisers are portraying. Women with looser curl patterns and wavy hair are being overly marketed as the face of natural hair. This is essentially dividing the natural hair community.

This video initially started as a response to that conversation, but quickly turned into an aha moment for myself. I realized that although the natural hair movement helps women to redefine themselves and provide them with a sense of self awareness and love, many women are missing other essential pieces of their lives. Although hair is a huge part of our lives as women, the outward appearance needs to be just as beautiful and the other aspects of our lives.

From this point on, my YouTube platform will focus on financial health, healthy eating, education and relationships. Of course I will still speak about hair, but I want to help women (and men) to focus on more than just looks.

Stay tuned, because there is much more to come :-)

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