See It, Say It, Seek It (How to Create a Vision Board)

One of the things on my 30 before 30 list was to create a vision board. For an entire week I combed through magazines and newspapers looking for the perfect representations of my future life. My board now hangs on my bedroom wall as a constant reminder of the things I want to manifest in my life.

For those who don't know, a vision board is a powerful way to represent the dreams, desires and hopes you have for your life. Looking at it daily is a vivid reminder of your life's purpose and where you see yourself in the future. It is essentially the big picture of your life.

Here are a few tips to help you create a vision board:

1. Have A Vision

Pray and think about the desires of your life before you go to cutting and pasting. Having a clear understanding of your vision will make the process easier.

2. Don't Be Superficial

Don't put things on your board like the $1200 bag you want for your birthday. Things are cool, but they should not be the driving force for your life.

3. Think Big Picture

Don't include short term goals on your board. If you want to lose 20lbs in 6 months, great! But, in the long run you want to think about having a healthy lifestyle. Add the healthy lifestyle to your board and then set weekly goals for your weight loss.

4. Be creative

Here's a Pinterest link to some great vision board ideas. Put your own spin on one and get started.

Last, but not least,

5. Don't Let It Collect Dust

Your vision will not just happen, you have to put in the work! Place your board in a private place where it is easily visible to you. Look at your vision board daily. Speak your visions aloud as if they are so, "I am a business owner, I am a homeowner..." etc. Base your long and short term goals on the visions that you have.



“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”

-Oprah Winfrey


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