Smell The Roses

I guess people who never stop to smell the roses suffer from allergies. Not real roses, but the moments in life that live between the breaths we take and the steps we make. I am so guilty of this - neglecting to be reflective or thankful, living my life anticipating the next "thing,” not realizing that there is something sacred and spiritual about reflecting and absorbing the moment. Think about it, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, we count down the days until Christmas. Once those presents are open, we can't wait for the New Year. Our lives are never still and it is our ungratefulness that keeps us from rejoicing over the little things. Imagine how powerful our lives would be if we made a conscious effort to smell the roses every day.

The allergens of fear and ungratefulness keep us from smelling the roses. We are afraid to be still. We robotically go through our daily routines, sometimes without thought, just to get it done. We fill our calendars and agendas with more than we can actually do, and complain about being tired every step of the way. The sad truth is that we probably do so much on a daily basis; we literally have no time to smell the roses. Having this time to be still and reflective keeps us sane. It allows us to be thankful for the simple things and not consumed by the things that don’t really matter. I mean, call me crazy, but a simple thing, like living, requires all of the systems of our body to be functional. If one system doesn’t function in the correct way, we might not thrive. Life is enough to be grateful for. Taking the time to appreciate the smile on your child’s face, the sun shining or the voice of a loved one can replace the time we spend complaining.

Take a daily walk through your garden. Think about any and everything that went right and dwell on it. This does not mean that you should ignore the things that go wrong in your life. Smelling the roses just allows you to channel positivity, so that you can be more optimistic when facing life’s challenges. Whether your smelling the roses comes in the form of prayer, meditation or just quiet time on the couch, take the time to do it every single day and watch how beautiful life becomes.

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