Natural to Relaxed

For the past two years I was natural. My hair was the thickest - most beautiful texture. I was in love with it. Every week I was twisting, rolling, braiding and doing something with my hair. Until one day, I had enough! I went to the store, bought a perm and in 20 minutes my hair was processed and permanently straight again. But why did I do it? I loved my natural hair! Well, I was overwhelmed with the daily maintenance. It would take my hair hours to dry after washing. My wash day regime would literally take an entire day. Not to mention I was obsessed with YouTube and all of the styles I discovered online. In retrospect, the struggle with my hair maintenance lied in the fact that I wanted to wear it out all the time. I wanted it big and fluffy every day. Those desires caused me to feel like the hair that grew out of my scalp was a chore to maintain and I started to not enjoy it anymore. After speaking to some of my natural sisters, I realized that I hadn’t embraced protective styling enough. I was too busy styling, that I never let my hair rest and I began to regret my journey. This time, my journey will be filled with much more protective styling and low manipulation. You did notice I said, "This time" :-)


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