Louise Eason hopes to inspire women to live their best lives, all while embracing their natural beauty. On her platforms, Louise shares pieces of her hair journey, family life and everything in between.

Louise has channeled her love for natural hair into her satin bonnet line. She creates satin lined bonnets for adults and children that are designed to protect the hair while sleeping.  

Louise also has hosted various events across NYC that unite women and give them a space to network and collaborate. 

Louise has published work in the Urban Ministries InTeen Magazine, the MEC Visions Academic Journal, Adafi Newspaper and Jet Magazine Online. In 2014 she started her blog and began posting on YouTube. Since then, both her channel and blog has received over 100,000 views and has a growing subscription base.


Louise holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master's degree in Urban Education. Outside of blogging, she has a full-time job in college access. She is also the wife of a supportive husband and the mother of three wonderful children who are the driving force behind all she does in life.  


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Brooklyn, NY 


2017 Sheabassabor - Brand Ambassador for Children's Products from Shea Moisture (Sample Post HERE)

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