Louise Eason

I'm a mom, an educator and a lover of natural hair. On my platforms I share everything from my parenting journey, preschool  educational tips and all things natural hair. I hope that by sharing my journey, I can teach and inspire other people.

On a weekly basis you can get a glimpse of my life through my candid posts on social media, my YouTube videos and my informative blog posts.   


I find joy in sharing things that make my life easier. Because I've worked in the field of education for over a decade, teaching and sharing information comes natural to me. 

Bonnets by Louise & Eason Learning Academy are labors of love that showcase my passions for both natural hair and teaching. 

I have published work in the Urban Ministries InTeen Magazine, the MEC Visions Academic Journal, Adafi Newspaper and Jet Magazine Online. In 2014 I started my blog and began posting on YouTube. Since then, both my channel and blog has received over 100,000 views and has a growing subscription base.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in English and a master's degree in Urban Education. Outside of being a content creator, I work a full-time job in the field of education. I am also the wife of a supportive husband and the mother of four children who are the driving force behind all I do in life.  


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Brooklyn, NY 


2017 Sheabassabor - Brand Ambassador for Children's Products from Shea Moisture (Sample Post HERE)

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